About Us

We Turn On The World For You.

                The Electrical Engineering Society (EESoc) of the University of Moratuwa is the prestigious social arms of the Department of Electrical Engineering.EESoc was stablished on the 21st of October 1994 under the patronage of Prof.Rohan Lucas and Prof. Samarajeewa Karunaratne and acts as an open arena for the graduates and undergraduates as well as for the academic staff.

                EESoc has always been in collaboration with the Department of Electrical Engineering to nurture all-round graduates to the society by enhancing their leadership skills and social awareness. EESoc projects are organized keeping this primary objective in mind. Thus, EESoc clearly understand its role among the Electrical Engineering community as one to bring up young engineers who would uphold the values and principles of their profession in Electrical Engineering and enlighten the nation tomorrow.